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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5:12PM - One Down, Twenty-Nine To Go.....

Oh, hewwo!

Yeah, it's time for my annual, "Yes, this thing still exists, and maybe I should start using it again" posting. LOL

Since the last post, a lot has been done with the house. First off, I got through my first year of payments. Was very happy to get the first year over with, because it proved I could afford it. Of course, thanks to the extension in the back of the house, and the fact that the house is now occupied, my taxes went up. Add to that, I need to now pay for my borrower's protection plan (the first year was free.) Basically, if I lose my job or have financial problems, I can get up to 6 months of my mortgage taken care of. Those 2 items into consideration caused my mortgage to go up just shy of $120 a month. But again, I'm sure I'll be okay once the initial shock clears out.

I haven't worked at Cape Fear since before July 4th. I've been playing phone tag with my boss there trying to get me on the schedule, but it hasn't been working out. I'm gonna leave another message on her machine tonight, so hopefully I will be able to get back there. (With the increased mortgage, the extra $300 a month could come in handy.)

Still living solo, the roommate possibility is still considering. (It's been a while that he's wanted to move in, but he's in an awkward situation, which I fully understand.) Hopefully it won't be much longer.

Also house wise, carpets have been installed, and the spare bedroom and master bedroom are nearly finished! The other bedroom (for possible roommate), is also near completed. It's been interesting using the master bedroom as a bedroom finally. It's pitch black in there at night, which is nice, if I worked day shift. I also bought a new sofa set which will be arriving next month. The new sofa set goes in the back room, and the existing one in the back room I plan to get new covers for, and will be put in the front living room.

All in all, I'm making progress, although it's going to be at a slower pace now that the $8000 is finished. But, I still have 29 years to go! :)

Just in case you haven't yet, feel free to add me on Facebook, since I'm there a lot more than I am here. If it wasn't for my daily comic strips I probably wouldn't use this at all anymore, as hard as that is to believe. There's lots of pictures of my house from the day I went under contract to the current. Check it out!

Until next time...

PS: If you're into alternative/harsh rock, my friend Shawn and his band Alesana have a new record out today... Getting ready to buy it. :)

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10:51AM - Hello? Is There Anybody In There....?

Perfect song quote for this thing anymore. :)

So the house is still coming along slower than expected. I had planned to have at least the front part of the house done by the beginning of the summer, but that doesn't look too promising at all. LOL

Anyways, I finally started working on the walls that needed to be repaired to no end. Dad and I managed to get just one piece up and attached. It's gonna look excellent when it's done and painted to match. I'm planning to get the remaining work done for the front by the end of the month. The walls won't take nearly as long as I thought it would, it was actually kinda easy. After that, all I have to do is paint the closets (yeah, still haven't!), paint and attach trim, put a door on the trouble closet, and that should be it...

...Then, carpets! (For the record, the first time buyer credit has came in and is ready to be used.) I already put a good chunk on all of my charge cards and paid a bill I had in collections. But after that is all said and done, I still have enough for carpets, hopefully to replace the window in the living room, and maybe purchase a new sofa for the back room. (The one I have there now I'm gonna repair and but new slipcovers on, and that will work out fine for the front room.)

So hopefully over the summer I can get most of the rest of the house completed. The only parts I don't plan to have done by the end of the summer is the garage and the laundry room. But if all goes to plan, I should be taking another vacation in September and could probably get at least part of that done over the time. (The garage I'm hoping to work on throughout the winter. Still haven't decided on what I want to do with that.)

So yeah... If there's anyone out there that still reads this stuff, you should drop me a line and let me know. Not that it matters since this is a journal for myself anyways, but it would be interesting to know who is still here after all these years. Seems everyone's gone to Facebook by now, including myself. :)

Until next time...

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Friday, May 27, 2011

12:22AM - To The One Probably Not Reading This Anymore.....

Sarcasm will get you NOWHERE. The timer is ticking, and it's getting ready to go, "Ding".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

11:33AM - More House Doings.....

So once every 2 months seems to be my new norm... LOL

First things first... If I ever meet the person that invented textured ceilings, I think I'll kill him.

I'm now in the middle of my vacation. 7 down, 10 to go. Been trying to get all of the painting finished so that I could get my carpets put in, so I can finally start using the rest of the house. So far during vacation, I feel like I haven't done much, even though I have, I suppose. I got the weird artwork off of the ceiling in bedroom number 3. (It looks like a hurricane! Might keep it for wall artwork later on.) I was afraid of it because from the ground, it looked like it was painted wood, especially since it was literally bolted into the ceiling. Then I was afraid that, since it was "wood", what is it covering? So I go to investigate it more, and guess what? It's FOAM! I just pulled the fucker right off of the ceiling, and it was perfect under it. I can't believe they used huge screws to keep Styrofoam on the ceiling, but I should have not thought any less, considering the other weirdness around this house.

I also painted the ceilings in the said bedroom, touched up the ceilings in bedroom #2, painted the ceilings in the hallway, and got 3/4 of the ceiling done in the living room. (The last is not easy since the room is full of furniture, but I am painting around it.) For the rest of today, I plan to finish the living room ceilings, and touch up the trim around all of the doorways since they had gone through hell with the other painting jobs. I also figured out that I could rip the "circus mirror" off of the wall in the master bedroom, so I can finally get that painting done as well. So I'm going to do that today as well.

Then, all I have left to do is painting the closets, repair the walls in bedrooms 2 and 3 (which I have help coming later in the week to figure out what to do with them), paint and repair trim throughout all bedrooms, hallway and living room, paint the walls that enclose the skylight in the living room, and then, carpeting time! (Of course, now I won't have the money or credit for it now! UGH!)

The point I'm making is that I'm not sorry I bought the place. It's still nice to be on my own, even though, believe it or not, I miss dad like hell. We call every night to catch up on the day and I make sure he's doing okay. He's been in and out of hospitals and pain management due to a nerve pinch in his leg. (I guess after working on your feet 4-5 days a week for almost 50 years, something like that is inevitable.) He's got good spirits though, on pain meds and patches, and his workplace even got him a special salon chair that is made for people that can't stand for long periods anymore, which he LOVES. (And I love that his workplace cared enough to pitch in to get it for him. I told him that job change would be worth it.)

But yeah. The house is coming along very well, even if slowly and surely. Sometime this summer I want to get the outside totally cleared. I'm hoping that once I get my $8000 tax credit (which I am getting when I get my 2010 refund), that I can get a lot more done, and fast. I'd love to have a BBQ at the end of the summer, since I hope to have most of the house done by then. At that point it will have been a year that I have been here. Free and Clear in October 2040!

Talk soon, kids!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

5:42AM - First Of The New Year.....

Wow, I really have let this thing go... Is there anyone even HERE anymore? LOL

Right now, I am totally dripping in sweat. Spent tonight repairing walls and painting Bedroom #2 as it were. There were a lot more repairs needed with spackle than I thought, and I'm sure I inhaled more dust than I should have, but what the hell, right?

So, for the most part, painting is done at the house. I have some touching up to do in all three of the bedrooms, more touching up in the living room and hallway. (Popcorn for the ceiling should NEVER be used on a wall... It's made it VERY hard to touch up.) So now all that's left, is major repairs to two walls, one in each of bedrooms #2 and #3, where the closets were "rebuilt" by ReMax, some spackling of the closets and painting of the closets, painting/replacing trim, and then, time for new carpets! And at that point, I'll be able to get the rest of the house finally livable, and then I can start enjoying the house a tad more.

Still need to figure out what to do with the chain for the ceiling fan in the living room... Should be an easy fix, I hope. In the last entry, I said I wanted to be done all the paint and be ready for carpets by mid-January, so I'm a little behind schedule. But it's coming along at a great pace, considering my work circumstances. I rarely have time off in a row, and when I have only 1 night off at a time, it's useless. Fortunately, my schedule at Cape Fear is changing, so hopefully, I'll have more time in a row next schedule. Plus, I was approved for a vacation in the middle of March, which I will need to RELAX!

So now, I'm gonna wring out my shirt, and crash for a little bit. I hope that the color looks good that I used tonight... Looks a little more blue than I wanted, but I thought the same when I painted all the rooms... Once it dries I can tell. :)

Talk to you all soon! Hope everyone's 2011 is working out well so far!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

8:26PM - People & Brains & The Lack Thereof.....

Don't really have much to report tonight... Have had a lot on my mind for the last two or three nights. People REALLY make me laugh sometimes. I sometimes wish I could read minds to see what's really going on in there. The things that people do that they truly believe is okay, makes me wanna vomit.

And yet, the tape remains on my mouth. I'm told, not for much longer... I hope he's right...

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6:27PM - Yeah, It's Been A While.....

Surgery recovery was a total success, happy to report. Took longer to get back to work than I would have liked, but it worked out.

The house is still a work in major progress. I've gotten for the most part done, the living room and master bedroom. The living room paint came out decent, just need to put another coat of paint near the skylight, paint the closet and the door, put strips on the wall to hide the cracks between the drywall, and find a way to rig the ceiling fan chain, and that's it. With the master bedroom, I have to figure out something to do with the hole in the wall where the air conditioner was, but the paint job came out great, even with the repair I had to do. Left to do, is painting the closet and removing the closet doors, and get the mirror off the wall that doesn't wanna budge, then that will be done. The hallway walls are nearly done as well, just need to do some touching up. All that leaves left is the 2 other bedrooms, then I can get carpet put in! (I plan to have it all done by the middle of January... I have a five night stretch off of work right after New Years, so that will be my time to go full speed ahead.)

I can't wait to actually use the rest of the house... My back room has all of my stuff in boxes from floor to ceiling and that of course is the one room where the central air/heat doesn't work yet, so it's been freezing! Guess I should get a space heater for this year at least.

Every now and then, I wonder if I made the right decision with this house, but it's just because I'm so overwhelmed with cosmetic repairs that I need to do, with hardly any time to myself to do it. I know the house will be great when it's all finished.

Aside from that, living on my own is really weird. Also weird that I am almost 30 and just NOW leaving home... I guess it would have been weird no matter how old I was. But I really am enjoying the new found freedom. But, I do make sure to call dad everyday at least once, and go down to see him when I can. For the record, dad is moving soon himself... He got into a 62+ condo community. I just saw his new condo yesterday for the first time, and it's AWESOME for him. Rent is only $630 and it includes water and heat. (It's solar.) Everything is brand new since it just opened about 2 months ago. He'll fit right in, and the joke is that he'll find a Jackee in the laundry room, ala "227"... :)


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

11:06PM - Just A Fast One.....

Haven't been around too much over the last month... But over the last 2 weeks I was in the hospital and recovering from surgery. Had to have my gallbladder removed. (Why they didn't just take it out when I had my appendix out, I have no clue.)

At my house now, gonna be here for a few days... Planning to go back to work on Tuesday at Cape, or, Thursday at ACMC, whichever I feel better.

Gonna rest now... Talk soon!

Monday, October 11, 2010

11:35PM - That Was My Cue To Stop For The Night.....

I learned tonight why you always refresh your paint jobs (or in my case, fill in a shitload of holes in the walls and put texture up first), before you install new carpets. If I ever meet the man that invented paint trays I'm gonna punch him in the mouth. My nasty blue carpet now has a white streak. LOL

That was my cue to stop for the night.

Let's see. Today I actually got a LOT done at the casa of Kris. I got at least two walls in the living room primarily done with the spackle, the sanding, the texture paint so the holes won't show too bad, and the color. The color I ended up picking was called "Brown Bread", which sounds nasty, but it's actually more of a beigey sage if there is such a thing. It really looks good and matches the kitchen and back den very well actually. It'll look very nice once it's completed.

Aside from that, I went to Sears to purchase my new fridge. I actually got very, very lucky in a way. The model that I wanted, which was nice, and had the features that I wanted, was out of stock and wouldn't be able to be delivered until the middle of December. Needless to say, I'd need something before then. The guy at Sears told me of another model which was only $40 more, and had all of the features that I wanted, and then some luxuries added on, like digital everything, a lot of "blinking lights that probably don't mean a thing", and softer lights inside that fade in and out. Not only that, but this one had a rebate to boot... Yay!

The internet was turned on here this morning, 4 hours EARLY. I was totally shocked. But, I was very happy to have it done. I can't be without the internet for too long, you know. I actually got lucky that the cable plug in the wall was actually hooked up to cable and not the dish outside. It made it a lot easier on the guy to install since he didn't have to go under the "deck/extension". Not that I wouldn't have minded seeing him get all dirty... LOL

I also learned this. You know how they say that once you go out on your own, you start to freak out with every little sound? Well here I am, finally on my own after 29 years, and I'm actually afraid sometimes. I hear all kinds of weird noises that normally I would be like, "It's just dad". Well, dad's not here, so what the fuck IS that sound?? AHHH! :) Seriously, I need to get used to it I suppose. It'll be better when my roommate gets here and I'll have someone to chat with all night. :)

Gonna take the rest of the night to relax. Back to Cape Fear tomorrow, not off until Friday, and it's only one night off. So I think I'm done playing "house" for a few days. Just need to rest. I'll be online for a little while, cell phone is good. I'm lonely!

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5:35PM - First Of Many.....

This is my first post from the new house in Egg Harbor Township. Will be the first of many. Would have been nice to actually have paint on the walls, new carpets, etc, but a man's gotta prioritize.

Have actually done a lot today. Ordered a new fridge, which is being delivered tomorrow, and I got two of the walls in the living room painted. Looking good actually, but the nasty carpets and the fact that I need to retrim the top of the walls and eventually but new baseboards in, etc, isn't showing the paint as good as I would like it to look... But I know it's gonna be great.

Will be online later tonight... Will update better later on.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

12:36PM - Just A Heads Up.....

Just letting everyone in LiveJournal land know that I will be offline until at least tomorrow afternoon. Taking another carload or two up to the new house, which includes most of my computers, including my primary one. So my main computer will be at the new house tonight. Comcast is coming tomorrow to disconnect/reconnect the internet for me, so that should happen in the morning tomorrow... I'll let everyone know when I'm back up and running...

And so, this is the final entry from Wildwood. It's been, real... Next stop: Egg Harbor Township!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1:00PM - Oh, Well....!

No loss, indeed, I suppose. After going through this wonderful thing called "the internet", I'm discovered that I may be doing the right thing. Some people just don't, "get it" anymore, you know? Some people may say I'm just as bad, but at least I have a truthful, honest, mentally sane and caring head on my shoulders. I don't use anyone, I only give and give and give. And you know what? I'm quite content with that.

Now to focus more on packing, and getting my stuff over to the new house. I hope my 99.999% guaranteed roommate follows soon.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

3:46PM - Nothing Really Major Going On.....

Still trying to get the house in order before I officially move in. Sometime over the next 2 weeks, I plan to have the new carpets installed, have a new fridge that works, and plan to get most of the painting done. If all goes to plan I will be living there within the next 3 weeks or so. I still have a decent amount of packing to finish, which will happen more than likely on Monday morning and afternoon. I still have all of my consoles and old time computers to bring over, as well as about 3 more tubs of records, maybe 3 or 4 boxes of videotapes, and chances are after that, not too much!

I'm also planning on picking out paint when the weekend's over. That is gonna be a hassle. I'm not good at it. I'm planning on making the front room and the hallway some kind of light sage color, to go with the light colors of the bathrooms and the rear den. Dad's bedroom, who knows what he has planned! My bedroom I'm probably gonna end up doing white, only because my new to me bedroom set is dark wood colored and it would probably show better. My nearly guaranteed roommate wants to do his room a darker color, kind of similar to the existing paneling that needs to come down, which is a deep gray style color. I think it would fit him well. Throughout the house, I'm gonna also replace the overhead trim with a wood colored type, and have it straight across wall to wall so I won't have to deal with corners too much. Also gonna have to repaint the ceilings to freshen them up a little bit.

The carpets are going to be a mid-colored beige to match the carpet in the back room. Basically, all that needs carpeting is the living room, hallway and the 3 bedrooms. I'm hoping it won't cost too much. (Not too bad, since the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, garage and rear room don't need to be done, I'm hoping.)

It's all coming around, just slower than I wanted. I'm praying that everything will happen well, and soon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

8:30PM - Boy, Am I Gonna Be Busy....!

So yeah, over the next few days, I'm gonna be busier than a pig in shit. (Did I just say that phrase? That's a mom saying if I ever heard one. :)

Today, dad and I picked up a rental moving truck so that we could fill it up with my things. Dad's giving me a lot of stuff that he's not going to be using when he moves into his place. (Which is still up in the air, he may be moving in with me at the end of October for a few months.) Basically I'm getting a sofa and loveseat, a coffee table (which needs the mirror on the tabletop to get replaced), kitchen table and chairs, 2 rocker chairs for the porch, etc. Also moved my new bedroom set into the truck, a few hutches, etc. A lot of work ahead of me!

Tonight, I'm gonna be packing as much more stuff as I possibly can. Then tomorrow, a family friend and myself will drive the truck to the new house, unload, drive the truck back to Wildwood, so I can reload the truck with whatever I'm able to pack tonight, then either tomorrow night or VERY early Monday, I will drive the truck and unload yet again. (The truck needs to be returned by 9:30am on Monday but I can drop it off at a place in EHT, so I won't have to drive it back down to Wildwood again.) Nice thing is that there is unlimited mileage on the truck so that's a good thing I suppose.

Then Monday afternoon between 1-3, Comcast is coming to install the internet. At least that will get my ass into gear to get the rest of my things to EHT.

Tomorrow at some point, I need to stop at Home Depot and try to get a charge. (Yes, Lowes denied me, but it was due to a crossover... They ran my credit before my mortgage showed up, so as far as they knew, all I had for credit was a single maxed out chargeplate.) Cross your fingers, since I'm gonna need that to get carpets and a new fridge.

Meanwhile, my car is still in the shop. He's gonna be looking at it over the weekend and hopefully by Monday he will have some kind of an answer for me in regards to how much it will cost to get it back on the road, and whether or not it's worth keeping, or if I should trade it in as soon as possible. As much as I don't want a car payment, I'm tired of looking at tow trucks, so either or would work out as far as I'm concerned.

Talk to you all later... I have a loooooong night ahead of me....

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Friday, September 17, 2010

12:08AM - Car Stuff.....

Okay, so the estimated cost for the repairs at the dealership is $900. Radiator problem, antifreeze chassis cracked, engine misfiring, etc...

Even if the guy that my dad just started taking his cars too was able to cut the cost in half to $450, I really think that's too much to spend. I've spent enough on this car over the last few months, that it would be cheaper to have a new to me car that would run better.

So I started looking for used cars. It's hard finding something that I can drive. I found a car that while is older, the mileage is low and it's a price I could afford. 2002 Toyota RAV-4 with 54,600 miles on it, which averages out to about 6800 miles a year. Asking price is $9995. Even without using my car as a trade in, the payments with high interest would be about $230 a month, and depending on credit checks and if they use it as a trade in, I could probably get it to about $200 a month. That beats what I've been putting out on my car over the last few months, and I wouldn't have to see a tow truck for a while.

Ideas? Thoughts?

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

4:27AM - Started The Ball Rolling.....

Even though I have hardly moved anything into the new place yet while I wait to see if I can get a charge for things like carpets and a new fridge, I decided that I really need to move in there and start living there. The best way? Setup a transfer date for my internet. LOL. The date is September 27th between 1-3pm. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition.

In other news, my car overheated yesterday morning. Yay me! I'll know tomorrow what's wrong with it. In the event that this repair costs more than what a car payment would be, it's gonna be time to say goodbye to this car. I've spent like $2700 over the last 4 months in repairs for this car, and I'm getting really tired of looking at tow trucks. So, we'll see about that soon enough.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10:41AM - Well, That Was, Interesting.....

Okay, so last night I'm at the house, trying to get some spackle work done in at least the living room so I could get it ready to paint. It was, interesting... I don't know if I was doing it wrong, or if I was in a really unique situation with it. First off, I was expecting that all I had to do was fill up the holes and let it dry, yadda yadda yadda.... The problem is, the holes were all protruded, if that makes sense... Remember, this is paneling, or I think it's paneling. I was under that assumption, but there's parts of me wondering if it was drywall and wallpaper, because in some spots it looks like wallpaper, as I can pull it off the wall. It's a very weird situation and one I don't fully get. You have to see it to believe it.

So I tried to do the spackling but it didn't seem to work well at all. I don't know if I need to sand the whole damn thing first or what. I was starting to wonder if I should just re-drywall or re-panel everything if it came down to it... I really don't want to have to go through all of that, but who knows?

Regardless, I still don't feel I'm any closer to getting done. I guess I'm gonna feel this way for a while. I think what I really need to do is just move all of my belongings over there and start living in it. If that happens, things will start to "bother me" one item at a time, and that's how things will get done. This driving back and forth from Wildwood to work and Wildwood to the house to do work on it, just isn't the way I want it to be anymore. So I guess I need to start moving my things there. I have 3 nights off so that may be something to do. (At least move the simple stuff and work on the larger things at the end... But I really need to start doing that.)

Cape Fear later on... Good night.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

8:00AM - Need To Get Better.....

So yeah... Been under the weather. Fun fun fun! Been drinking DayQuil like its rum. Heh.... Was trying hard to battle it, and thought it was gone, but decided to come back yesterday. Basically dry cough and stuffy nose, and the Afrin isn't even working much anymore.

Its better when I am outside, so last night i went to the new house and just got a feel for the place. It was also the first time that I went there at night. Learned that the security light over the garage works. Also learned that it gets very dark on my street. Realized there are no street lamps on my block. Not one. I kinda like that. Heh...

Goal is still to be there by months end. Waiting to hear about the Lowes charge. If I get it, carpets and a fridge and paint won't be an issue. Will make the move in date easy... I have a lot of work coming up... But once i can get some time off it will make it much easier. I wish I could just get my days off in a row... And I wish they would match up... that would make my social life nice...

Updates to come...

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

8:06AM - Expenses, Expenses, Expenses....!

So yeah... The fridge doesn't work in the new house.

Dad and I figured that out the other night when we were at the house. The motor was running and the lights were on, but the insides just were not getting cold, and the freezer wasn't getting cold either. I noticed that the thermostat, which is digital, was showing a blank screen inside, so I figured there was a problem with that. So I figured, it's more than likely just a circuit board, you know? So I called them out to take a look at it.

Turns out it wasn't the circuit board. They replaced it, turned it back on, and there was still no display on the gauges. After opening up the main works, lo and behold, every part was COVERED in oil. Apparently it all leaked out and got all over EVERYTHING. So, I was told it would be cheaper to just buy a new fridge than it would to actually get it fixed, which is a shame because the fridge was only 5 years old.

So now, it shows that, over the weekend, I'm gonna try to get a line of credit at Lowes or something similar. Buy a fridge (with some kind of Labor Day special or something), then I can use the card to get carpets, paint, you know, make the inside more than livable. Then when I get my $8000 stimulus from the government, just pay the charge off. I really wanted to use that money to reside the entire house, but I guess that's not happening, so since it's not gonna be that way, I might as well do a total makeover of the inside. I guess in the meantime, I'll just have to paint the outside of the house, and just try to save up.

Also figured this. If I do that with the Lowes card, and I pay it off right away with the stimulus check, and if I take whats leftover from that check and pay off my primary credit card, it would show that I have a lot of good credit. Would come in handy in a few months... My car is on it's last legs and I'm gonna be needing a new one sooner than I wanted, probably early next year. (What do you expect with a 2002 American model with 140,000 miles on it?) So having a lot of available credit, plus having the mortgage showing I can be responsible with a $125,000 loan, would really help with getting a car I think...

It's amazing how fast my bank account went to nearly nothing. I think it's funny that just a week ago, I had nearly $6000 in the bank. At one point I had nearly $7000 in the bank. And all within a few short months. It makes me wonder... I really did used to be bad with money. I could have had a lot saved up over the years. I really could have. But it was my own stupidity on why I don't have anything saved. I learned over the last few months how easy it is to be good with money. It wasn't too hard. And I did it all by myself!

Hopefully, my highly probable roommate will move in with me shortly. With my current plan, I should be moved into the new house by the end of the month. Would be nice to have everything fall into place... Would be nice to just relax for a little bit. I'm tired of stressing out and worrying about everything and everyone. :-(

Anyways, back to bed I go... Gotta work this holiday weekend... Uber fun! Means I should really leave for work a little on the early side... At least this will be the last holiday that I have to drive from Wildwood to Atlantic City...

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

2:08AM - Finally..... Once Again....!

After a draining 2 nights, I finally have the key to my new house. After the surprise needed inspection, my keys went missing in action for a full day. Turned out that the people at ReMax didn't realize that my keys were still in the lockbox (and that it wasn't even theirs), so my keys were back at ReMax... Fortunately I knew the code to my realtor's lockbox and it didn't take too long to get back to normal.

Also learned that I can break into the back door with a casino card in less than 5 seconds, and I have no burglary experience, so I think I'll be buying a dead bolt for that door very soon. LOL. Also need to figure out how to set up the security system, or have it replaced by a fellow ham radio operator I know... Probably gonna have no choice but to get a landline for the place if I do that, since they require some kind of landline. I had been considering getting something like a Magic Jack or something so I could use the fax machine, since I don't use the landline that much and it would be cheap, but from what I read, VoiP's don't work on security systems, so we'll see what happens...

Off for the next 2 nights, so I'm planning on getting a shitload of estimates for everything I'm gonna need so I can make a list of what needs to get done, and how much I'm gonna need to save up per project. Also wanna try to get some paint on some of those walls so it will look at least a little better. I realized today: I have my work cut out for me. Gonna take probably a year to get everything done that I'd like to get done. But, I have 30 years to work with, so just 1 room at a time.

So many things I'm waiting for and so many things I want, and one particular thing that I am REALLY looking forward to, with the very high probability that it's gonna happen. So, we'll see. :)

Good night all, I need some rest...

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